Application Scenarios

In recent years, solar street light becomes one part of the using of solar energy, a new alternative to traditional forms of light sources, because of its environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and other characteristics of unparalleled quality, one came to by the general public of all ages. Applied to roads, gardens, parks, schools, and field plateau region without external power supply lighting and decoration. Change the traditional mode of saving energy, promote green lighting, highlighting the concept of sustainable development for the benefit of the world of mankind.


Technical Analysis

Solar Street light consists of solar panels, battery (lithium battery/GEL battery), controller, LED lamp and lamp base, bracket, lamp pole, floor cages, etc. Not only is it easy for transportation but also easy for installation. In the day time, the solar panels will absorb sunlight storing into battery.  As the day being darken gradually, the light will be controlled by motion sensor and start to work automatically.


(1) PV Modules

Monocrystalline silicon PV modules:



Polycrystalline silicon PV modules:



(2) Controller

The controller is a fully enclosed waterproofing controller. It adopts wireless remote control technology. It has no dew button anywhere. It can works under water. It is safe, waterproof, dust-proof and rust-proof.



(3) GEL Battery

Lead-acid batteries have high reliability, stable quality, and no maintenance, can keep charging well, and can resist overcharge, over discharge, vibration and shock. When long-term storage, charge every 3 months, should be away from direct sunlight, corrosive gases, heat sources, sparks and so on.


(4) Lithium Battery

Lithium iron phosphate is a non-toxic, non-polluting green energy-saving energy storage product. It does not contain any metal and rare metal, and has the characteristics of safety, long life, high temperature resistance, large capacity, light weight, no memory effect and so on.


Engineering Case


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