Application Scenarios

Development of new energy sources and renewable clean energy sources is one of the five major technical fields in the economic development of the 21st century. Distributed PV plant is to build PV power plant by utilizing idle roof or open and shadow less ground resources of house, industrial factories to realize “self-sufficiency and surplus electricity feed-in to the power grid ”, which has certain energy saving benefits. At the same time, installing components on the roof can increase the thermal insulation performance. Solar system has many different regions, and does not consume any fuel or have any moving parts. The malfunction rate is low; the maintenance and servicing is easy and simple; it does not require any person on duty. The construction period is short. The scale and size can be whichever as you want. It does not require the use of electric lines and can be easily combined with buildings and structures. All these merits are incomparable for the conventional power generation and other means of power generation.


Technical Analysis


 (1) PV Modules

 (2) String Inverter

      Single phase PV Inverter:

      Three phase PV Inverter:


Engineering Case

Project Case

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