Vietnam: See How CHINT's New Energy Service "Goes Global "

Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries have experienced rapid economic development in these years, and the demand for electricity continues to expand. Renewable energy represented by photovoltaics is becoming an important way for Southeast Asian countries to solve the power gap. In Vietnam, in order to comply with the global energy transition trend and achieve energy self-sufficiency, new photovoltaic energy has become a priority area for the local government to support development. In 2020, the total installed capacity of Vietnam reached 8 GW, making it a hot market for global new energy development.

As early as 2018, as an important role to participating in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, CHINT won the first photovoltaic EPC project undertaken in Vietnam. The project is located in Binh Thuan Province, adjacent to the QL1A highway, only 138 kilometres away from the tourist attraction of Nha Trang, with an installed capacity of 50 MW and an annual power generation of 83,750 MWh, which enabled Binh Thuan to be the energy capital of Vietnam and made it an important breakthrough for CHINT in the construction of power plants in Southeast Asia.

In the context of global carbon neutrality, as a smart energy solution provider, CHINT has gathered advantages in clean energy development and the power industry chain. With its deep accumulation of technology in the field of power new energy, CHINT has actively entered the Vietnamese new energy market with strong market performance. Bring more comprehensive and in-depth integrated energy services to the local area.

On March 30, in response to the concerns and needs of the industry, CHINT Vietnam was invited to participate in the Vietnam Solar Roadshow, which attracted hundreds of guests from various fields such as industry organizations, industry experts, power station owners, and manufacturing companies, to discuss the trend of Vietnam's new energy market and the specific ways of local energy transformation and sustainable development.

It is reported that there is a large demand for grid-connected photovoltaics in Vietnam, but the demand has been in short supply. At the same time, renewable energy capacity and power generation fluctuations have also brought considerable challenges to the local power system. The installation of energy storage systems is the general trend of the future development of the new energy industry. At this forum, Cai Tao, Country Manager of CHINT Vietnam, introduced the application scenarios and solutions of the CHINT Energy Storage System BESS in detail, and showcased the outstanding cases of CHINT’s construction in various countries around the world, bringing more products and solutions to the development of the local new energy industry.

The "Go Global" strategy of CHINT's energy storage system solution can further help meet the needs of various countries for green power and sustainable development. At present, there are many landmark projects in the overseas application cases of CHINT's energy storage system. For example, the largest single energy storage project in Japan at present is the Japanese eel farm energy storage project delivered by CHINT last year. The project is equipped with a 2.2MWh energy storage system for the electrical load of the eel farming factory, marking the first time CHINT has entered the Japanese energy storage market.





"Strength to Empower the Future"
"Strength to Empower the Future"
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