The Power Story That Happened in Afghanistan

Let’s share a story from a CHINT salesperson of Afghanistan. 

It’s from the WeChat Moments of CHINT Global salesperson of Afghanistan. With a major in science and engineering. she is straightforward, without being sensational at all, but the story makes people understand why an enterprise travelling abroad can overcome difficulties and persist in serving local customers.

She said: "Some time ago, we discussed the overall project schedule with local customers. They told us sincerely: "This project is very important to our country and benefits many people in several provinces. Although the project's completion date is the end of next year, we want to complete the project as soon as possible and so that everyone can use the electricity soon!" 

After hearing this, I was deeply touched and the whole South Asia sales team decided to take this project as the top priority to promote production. At that time, the shipping volume surged and reached almost full capacity, but the customer had finally booked a shipping space. We urgently formulated a plan to work overtime to load our products and finally caught up on shipping schedules. 

Countless people are working hard to help this country, and they all hope that Afghanistan will get better and better. I sincerely wish all the Afghan people I know and don’t know can live better and better! " 

Behind the story is that at the end of 2020, when a wholesale of CHINT electrical equipment was shipped to Afghanistan, the logistics warehouse was overloaded. The customer made great efforts to get the shipping space, hoping for urgent delivery. CHINT responded quickly. Factories all over the country worked overtime overnight to get ready for product packaging, transportation, logistics and customs affairs, and finally successfully caught up with the shipping date. The whole process was hurried but well-organized, which demonstrated the professionalism and efficiency of CHINT as always, and was highly appreciated by the customer. 

For a long time, due to the complex terrain, the scattered rural communities and unstable security conditions, the expansion of the power grid has been extremely difficult, thus the lack of electricity has long plagued Afghanistan. The CHINT Global Asia Pacific team deeply felt the most urgent needs of local customers and people. 

"Go to customers!" CHINT successfully signed the power system upgrade project of the Afghan National Grid with local EPC partners, and provided 220kV and 110kV primary equipment for the project. After 16 months of hard work, the project completed the entire process of pre-planning, preparation, design, and successful shipment. During the period, faced with many difficulties such as tight delivery time, heavy tasks, and blocked transportation, the CHINT team timely adopted the cross-production line resource allocation method for resource allocation and replenishment, which promoted the smooth implementation of the project. 

In this project, CHINT broke many records of its global monomer projects. Among them, the 220kV capacitor bank made a zero breakthrough globally. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will serve the power transmission and distribution systems and substations in many provinces in eastern Afghanistan, improve the existing system, expand the backbone of the country’s power grid and provide conditions for future grid expansion, which positively affect the local economic and social development, greatly facilitating the lives of local people.

"Wish everyone can use the electricity as soon as possible!"

“Wish all the Afghan people I know and don’t know can live better and better!”

The sincere wishes of the local customers in Afghanistan are in our hearts. The mission of the Chinese electric manufacturing enterprises is in our shoulders. The road ahead is not easy, and changing the predicament has never been easy. The journey of CHINT's global development is, in a sense, a history of accumulating customer trust.



"Strength to Empower the Future"
"Strength to Empower the Future"
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