CHINT, as a pioneer, explorer and practitioner of green and low-carbon development, is committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of smart energy solutions, and finding realistic solutions towards a better future.

As part of this mission, CHINT has successfully organized a “Carbon-Neutral Conference” in the CHINT 2023 Global Development Summit and the 10th International Marketing Forum (“CIMF”), as an exemplary demonstration to achieve carbon neutrality in business.

In brief, CHINT aims to reach the target of zero-net greenhouse gas emissions during this CIMF via the purchase of carbon allowances, plus energy conservation and emission reduction actions, together with all participants of this CIMF.

CHINT has invited TÜV SÜD, a well-known and reliable partner that offers testing, inspection and certification services worldwide, as a verifier to strictly review the objective facts and conduct a carbon neutrality verification for this CIMF conference in accordance with the requirements of PAS 2060:2014.

TÜV SÜD has witnessed that significant measures to reduce carbon emissions have been taken during this CIMF conference, including:

  • providing shuttle buses between airport to the hotel;
  • conducting energy saving measures, such as maintaining a reasonable indoor temperature and using high-efficiency LED display screens;
  • switching from printed paper to digital materials; and
  • minimizing the use of disposable products and recycling valuable materials.

In addition, CHINT has a strong history and vision of working with valued customers to create a better future. At this CIMF, CHINT has encouraged all participants to join voluntary “carbon neutral” initiatives and to take extra measures to save energy and resources.

By implementing the above carbon emission reduction measures, a total of 4.35 tCO2 eq of carbon emissions have been successfully reduced. The remaining carbon emissions, 279.04 tCO2 eq, were offset by CHINT through the purchase of 280 tCO2 eq of voluntary carbon emission reductions from the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform.

carbon emission reduction measures

In the end, TÜV SÜD verified and confirmed the successful achievement of carbon neutrality by CHINT 2023 Global Development Summit and the 10th International Marketing Forum in accordance with PAS 2060:2014 on 11th October, 2023. A Carbon Neutrality Achievement Verification Statement has been issued.

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TÜV SÜD verified and confirmed the successful achievement

CHINT states that achieving carbon neutrality is a key milestone in its sustainable development path. Going forward, CHINT will actively implement sustainable development practices. Leveraging its core technological innovation capabilities and intelligent products, CHINT will drive the green and low-carbon industrial transformation, pursuing sustainable development and contributing to a greener planet.

"Strength to Empower the Future"
"Strength to Empower the Future"
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