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Three Phase Electricity Meter

CHINT three phase electricity meter is suitable for the measurement of active and reactive energy in industry, large users, power transmission and distribution. It has DIN rail type installation and bottom wiring connection. It has the characteristics of wide working temperature range and high measurement accuracy. Product functions include infrared, RS485, PLC / RF / GPRS multiple communication, multi rate measurement, maximum demand, load profile, event record, power quality, load control etc. The communication conforms to DLMS protocol.

What's the meter operation temperature range?
The meter's operation temperature range is -40°C to +75°C.
The meter can set CT&PT rate?
Yes, our three phase CT meter can set CT&PT rate,
If the first step, we just purchase basic meter, and in future, the meter can update to smart meter?
Yes, our three phase meter is modular design, and communcation module is replace, so the basic meter can update to smart meter.
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